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Everybody Needs A Nurse is a truly unique agency. We stand at the forefront of innovative health care in the U.S. by providing clients with the expertise and caring to support them as they make important decisions about their health.

  • We provide a supportive and positive outlook on our clients’ health, untangling the many threads of illness, lifestyle, and medications to promote optimum quality of life.
  • We listen deeply to our clients’ concerns and provide a safe place for them to talk over fears and frustrations.
  • We are knowledgeable and experienced, with many years working in the nursing field. Our advice and guidance comes from our years of broad-based nursing experience as well as continuing study of the latest in geriatric care.
  • We value strong communication among all parties–families, doctors, home aides, etc. We stay in regular contact with all the other people supporting the clients’ health and well-being and coordinate efforts with them.
  • We pride ourselves on being independent. Our advice comes only from our relationship with our clients and wanting the best for them.