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Meet Our Founder

DianeHalloran-newDiane Halloran, RN, MPH, has been a practicing nurse for over 40 years, earning a Masters degree in Public Health and working in a wide variety of outpatient settings in a number of states.

Over her career, Diane noticed that many people were suffering unnecessarily because they didn’t have the knowledge to navigate the health care system effectively. She saw patients who were offered three different options for treatment and told to decide which one they wanted. “It’s like giving someone a blueprint and telling them to come back when they’ve built a bridge,” Diane says.

She also saw those who suffered because they didn’t have the knowledge and experience to deal with a rapidly changing health situation. So many family members are now expected to change dressings or coordinate doctor visits for their loved ones.

So when Diane was asked whether she wanted to go into business, she did not hesitate. Although she had never run a business, she knew she could be of help to those who were struggling, by offering support, encouragement and guidance.

Our clients love visits from Diane because she brings her positive, supportive demeanor to situations that can sometimes be tense. The nurses at Everybody Needs A Nurse see her as a role model and carry on her sharp clinical eye and understanding of challenging situations. As another of our nurses said, “We work on the kindness model.”

Everybody Needs A Nurse stems from Diane’s belief that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes from a professional’s understanding of the health care system.

Our mission is to keep our clients safe, healthy, and independent by helping them stay out of the hospital, the emergency room, or a nursing home. And to support them and their families through health challenges.