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Nurse Tip–December 2016, Body Awareness

In the holiday season, it’s easy to get distracted by everything that needs to get done, the lights, the music–even the Salvation Army bells that ring from every mall.

And when we’re distracted, it’s easy to lose track of our bodies, how they feel and literally where they are in space.

Many accidents happen when we’re unaware of how our bodies are moving or where they are. Misfortunes like slipping on a piece of ice when we’re looking in another direction, slamming a finger in a door because we weren’t aware of where all our digits were, or bumping our heads because we’re not looking where we’re going.

We’ve all been there.

But this holiday season, take a moment every once in a while to think about your body and its location in space. Are my feet moving in the same direction? Where are my hands right now? Is my knee aching because I need to take a break?

The more we take small moments to think about how our bodies are positioned, especially when we’re stressed, the more we are able to stay in tune with the mental notes we may be unaware of.

And this practice helps avoid those misfortunes that make the holiday season less enjoyable.