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When to See Your Doctor for a Headache

Headaches are, sadly, fairly common occurrences for most people. Generally, we take an aspirin or ibuprofen and it goes away. But when is it time to seek treatment for a headache?

Plan a trip to your doctor if:

  • your headaches require you to take pain medication frequently or in high doses;
  • your headaches are getting progressively worse over time;
  • your headache prevents you from performing your usual daily activities.

Go to the emergency room right away if:

  • your headaches are accompanied by seizures, weakness, blurred vision, difficulty with speech or other neurological problems;
  • you feel acute, severe pain, particularly with sudden onset;
  • your headache is accompanied by severe nausea;
  • your headache is the result or an injury, such as a car crash or fall.