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Does George H.W. Bush Need A Nurse?

Watching the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library yesterday, I was struck by the sight of “Bush 41” in a wheelchair. It seems that he has been having trouble with mobility for some time, although he was walking four years ago when President Obama was first in the White House.

Of course, as an ex-President, George H.W. Bush receives the finest healthcare the US has to offer. But I hope he also has the advice of a medical professional who looks at the whole picture. An RN patient advocate can look at the intersection of medical issues, lifestyle, and medications see provide truly independent council. Doctors don’t always hear about these nuances, and they are not in the home. Other advisers may have their own agendas. But an independent patient advocate works only for their client.

And even the powerful, the wealthy, and the famous can suffer when some vital issue isn’t seen. It’s especially important to pay attention to any decline in activities of daily living, such as mobility. Often, if the issue is understood promptly at least some mobility may be maintained.

Everybody–even a former President–needs a nurse!